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Providing High-Quality Insurance Products

Choosing the right insurance policy can help you towards achieving financial freedom. At Insurance & Investment Solutions, we provide a range of insurance policies and investment plans that meet the needs of individuals, families, senior clients, and small companies in East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and North Georgia.

Individual Health Insurance

Most people do not carry enough life insurance to ensure that their family can continue to enjoy the same quality of life after their death and loss of income. Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, the individual health insurance market is more complex than ever.

Do you qualify for tax credits or cost sharing? We are professional brokers accredited by the federal marketplace and can help you navigate both on-market and off-market health insurance products.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare generally only pays 80% of your medical bills. With the traditional Medicare supplement policies we offer, you can have those unpaid fees covered. We can assist you with your prescription drug coverage during open enrollment every year. Our goal is to keep your premiums as low as possible year after year while maintaining the highest quality coverage.

Investment Products

Are you ready to retire? Most of us simply are not doing enough to prepare for retirement. At Insurance & Investment Solutions, we offer conservative, consistent investments to help you build wealth for retirement so you can have additional income to go along with your Social Security benefit.

Long-Term Care Policies

Long-term care in a facility can be very expensive and quickly consume assets that you have taken a lifetime to build. Let us provide you a long-term care policy that can help pay for this service so you can conserve your wealth and pass it on to your beneficiaries. The optimal age for purchasing this type of policy is in your 50s before premiums get too high due to your age. We offer plans through some of the top providers in the country.

Life Insurance

Most people do not carry enough life insurance to ensure that their family enjoys a high quality of life. A good rule of thumb is to carry an amount equivalent to 10 times your annual income. This can vary depending on your age, the age of your children, and the amount of debt that your family carries. Let us help determine how much life insurance you need. We offer the most competitive rates from exclusive companies with an A+ rating.

Types of Life Insurance

  • Accidental Death
  • Basic
  • Dependent
  • Supplemental

Group Health Insurance

We work with businesses setting up and servicing existing group health insurance policies. We offer group insurance products from two to 500 employees through some of the top providers in the country. Through this type of policy, you can offer competitive benefits packages to your employees and their families.

  • Annuity
  • Disability
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